Broadcast Facilities

The move to High-Definition broadcast format has substantially increased the demands upon the Lighting Designer. This unforgiving technology requires that the lighting design not only enhance the crispness of images but it must also help add depth and dimension to each shot. This is exceptionally apparent in the newsroom.

Whether it is a re-design of an existing studio, a new studio build or adapting a heritage facility, Adrian has completed over 30 studio design/build installations with more coming on board each day.

Many of these studio installations required original solutions to a variety of problems:

  • Natural Light through walls of windows
  • Non purpose built facilities being adapted to TV Broadcast Studio use
  • Power consumption issues requiring high output fixtures with low amperage draw
  • Reducing heat to allow for a reduction in Air Cooling systems

Solutions to these and many other issues were all found with extensive research and development into products, materials and technology that could be adapted for the broadcast medium. Working with manufacturers to develop and/or adapt their products for Broadcast facilities is an ongoing operation.


  • Vancouver and Whistler, 2010 – Adrian is Lighting designer for Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium facilities (5 main studios in Vancouver, 1 in Whistler, 5 Satellite positions throughout the Olympics venues)
  • Lillehammer, Norway 1994 – CTV studios at the IBC
  • Barcelona, Spain 1992 – CTV studios at the IBC