Continuing Productions

Lighting Design and Direction & Consultant – Continuing Productions
Lighting Designer/Consultant: CTV (1992 – Present)

Since 1992 Adrian has been the Lighting Designer and Consultant for much of the CTV Produced programming. This design work has developed into a lasting relationship with most of the departments in the CTV family.

  • CTV Television Network – Lighting Design, Lighting Direction and Consultation of Network production including Canada AM, National News, NewsNet,
    W-Five, CFTO News, Business and Internal promotion and training, Ottawa News Bureau, CIVT Vancouver, CTV Winnipeg and CTV Calgary
  • TSN Design and Installation including all new HD Studios that came on line in the summer of 2006
  • ROBTV (BNN), Design and Installation. (1999-2003)
Lighting Designer/Consultant: Rogers Sportsnet (1998 – 2008)

After CTV originally launched the Sportsnet channels Adrian was the Lighting Designer and Consultant at their Agincourt facility. Since Rogers takeover of the channel in 2002, Adrian retained his role as Lighting Designer / Lighting Director for the studio facilities thru 2009. During that time he also designed the 3 new studios that came on line in April / May 2008 at the Rogers studio facility in Downtown Toronto.

Lighting Designer/Consultant: ART/AMC (1996)

In 1996 Adrian spent several months in Cairo Egypt training the camera and lighting staff of ART and AMC in Studio and EFP production lighting and camera techniques. The lessons developed into a course for Television students at the American University in Cairo. Several studio facilities were built under the guidance of Adrian including the Tivoli Theatre in Cairo and the El Gabri Studio’s at Giza.